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The Swarovski LovLots

House of Cats

The Swarovski LovLots

In 2006, Swarovski introduced the LovLots Collection with figurines consisting of small crystal animals; camels, cats, dogs, etc.

In 2006, the Limited Editions were introduced, beginning with Shady, the black sheep at a list price of $35.00. Shady is now worth $195.00!

Pinky Mo, a pink crystal cow limited edition was introduced in 2007.
In the same year a very limited edition of 300 was issued, to the media/journalists, but never sold to the public, a pink Alabaster Mo. This will be a highly sought after piece and will undoubtedly go up in value. The body is in matte Rose Alabaster, horns and bell in Rosaline Crystal.

Then, in 2008, a collection of colored crystal dogs was introduced.
In 2008, another limitd edition cow (Mo) in Siam Red crystal with White Alabaster crystal horns, and a soccer ball around its neck, was introduced. Also in the same year, another limited edition, Violetta, a Faceted Violet Crystal Poodle with neck and tail in faceted clear crystal became available. Limited editions are 'limited' to the year of issue. Both pieces originally sold for for $75, now worth $125.00.

In 2009, Swarovski introduced the House of Cats (shown), in colored crystal. Then, yet another Mo. Flower Mo flaunts an exclusive floral print in rose, white, yellow and green presented on her fully faceted Light Peridot crystal body. Her horns and bell feature White Opal crystal. She could only be ordered on the Swarovski site.

Yet another Mo is scheduled to be released during October 2009 only. Can You Guess What it will be?

What do you think of all the Swarovski MO Issues ??????

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