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It's Christmas Time! Here's some information about the Swarovski AE Ornaments

Swarovski is well-known to Collectors for their Annual Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments, available during the year of issue and then retired, and no longer available, except on the Secondary Market. This has made some of the earliest issues much sought after by Collectors, and in some cases, quite expensive.

The first Annual Ltd. Edition Ornament was issued by Swarovski in 1981. There are earlier issues, but they are not considered among the Ltd Edition series. The 1981 edition is the only one to carry the old SC block logo and came with a chain so that it could also be worn as a necklace. It was only issued in the U.S.

More ornies have been found that were issued between 1981 and 1984 (ie., the 1984 ornie known as the Fleur de Lis), but they are also not considered Annual Ltd Editions.

In 1986, Swarovski issued 11 ornies from Giftware Suite, in the U.S. only, known as "Holiday Etchings" in several different sizes and shapes, with 1986 engraved on the crystal. But, others have also been found that are similar, without the 1986 engraving.

Giftware Suite issued the 1987-1990 Ltd Edition Ornies in the U.S. Only.

In 1991, the so-called 'stars' began being issued in the U.S. and Europe. There were 2 issues for each region, in 1991 - one with a silver metal hanger and one with a gold metal hanger, and they are highly sought after. In 1992, Swarovski began alternating yearly what is known as the 'Snowflake' design and the 'Star' design, and they have been issued each year ever since. In '93 and '94, they were issued by Swarovski's New Crystal Concepts Division. There are no logos on any of the Christmas Ornies (except the '81) until the 1995 ornie , issued by D. Swarovski with the first swan logo. Thereafter, each ornie is marked with the same logo.

In 2003, Swarovski began issuing what is known as the "Small Star" ornies, and one has been issued as a yearly Ltd Ed. ever since.

In 1996, Swarovski issued their Ltd Ed. "Angels" from their Crystal Memories collection, now known as "Christmas Memories".

There are a multitude of other "Christmas Memories" Ornies (Bells, Holly, Wreath, etc., formerly known as Crystal Memories) from what is now known as the "Ornaments" and "Christmas at Home" collections that are not considered Ltd. Editions, but are highly collectible, and also issued yearly.

In 1993, Swarovski issued the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Topper in Chrome and Gold. Another was added in 2006, along with a lot of other Rockefeller Christmas items, in commemoration of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Celebration in New York City each year. A Magnificent Swarovski Star sits on top of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree yearly.

And, as if all these issues aren't enough, Swarovski began issuing the 'Kris Bear Ornament' as an Annual Ltd Ed., beginning in 2005.

Thought they were done? LOL. In 2009, the Golden Shadow AE Ornaments were introduced for SCS members only. It's an exact duplicate of the clear crystal AE's, so now we have to buy TWO AE Ornies! Smart marketing! We're hoping other colors will be used soon.

Other companies, such as Marshall Fields, Cadillac (in 1996 & '97), and Macy's have also issued Ltd Edition Christmas ornaments, made entirely with Swarovski Crystal.

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36 PHOTOS OF 2011 Swarovski NEW Issues Posted

36 PHOTOS OF 2011 Swarovski NEW Issues Posted


- The 2011 Numbered Limited Edition (NLE)
- 2011 Kris Bears
- 2011 Chinese Zodiac Issue
2 NEW Silver Crystal Issues
10 Lovlots Issues
A NEW 'Charming' MO
4 NEW Paradise Fish
3 NEW Disney Limited Editions
3 NEW Happy Ducks
8 NEW pieces of Men's Jewelry
2 NEW Limited Editions
and MORE!


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Breaking Swarovski News - NEW Issues Coming in 2011

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Posted to our Crystal Fanatics Website

The ANNUAL Edition
- The NEW 2011 Annual Edition in Crystal Moonlight
YES, We Know What It Is!
- MATCHING cubs in BOTH Crystal Moonlight and White Opal
- NEW Window Ornament

SCS Members Only Jewelry
Pendant, Bracelet & Earrings

Silver Crystal
African Animal we've been waiting for!

- 2 NEW Issues in BLACK!


3 NEW Paradise Fish

NEW! Jewelry for Men!

NEW! Crystal Moments, Happy Ducks, LovLots, and Disney!

An animal in Amber Red Clam Shell with Simulated Pearl

And, of course! ANOTHER NEW MO!

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2010 Swarovski NEW Issues

2010 NEW ISSUES Posted to Our Crystal Fanatics Club Photo Galleries:

- All the New 2010 Christmas Issues
- Another New Crystal Myriad Edition
- The Only Silver Crystal Issue this year!
- The New Lion King Series
- A New CM Duck!
- 2 New Soulmates

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NEW PHOTOS: 2010 Issues Posted to Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) website!
We just Posted PHOTOS of the following Swarovski NEW Additions for 2010 to our CFC Boards:

- 2 NEW Soulmates
- The 2010 Annual Edition Christmas Ornies
- The NEW Lion King Collection
- 1 New Paradise Birds
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