Monday, November 04, 2013

MORE Info About the 2014 Swarovski NEW Issues

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Here are some HINTS about the additional NEW ISSUES, COMING SOON!
The Actual names of these pieces are posted to our CFC Website!


A Special Kristalwellten Issue:  Price: 25,000 Euros

_____________ with Black Stand

A Wild Animal in Black

A Set  of _________, smaller than the ___________, One in Clear Crystal and One in Black

Myriad Ltd-Ed

You'll luv this one! Small Myriad _________   Price:  2395 Euros

A Fruit!   850 Euros

ANOTHER Disney ___________

We'll Post Photos on our CFC Website when we get them!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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YES - it's that time again !!!!

Breaking News & a PHOTO is posted to our CFC Boards revealing the 2014 Annual Edition!

BIG news of a NEW NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION for 2014, unlike the previous editions it looks like this one will be very limited - maybe only 2000 or 3000 pieces.

7 OTHER NEW RELEASES FOR 2014 have been added to our CFC Photo Galleries!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another CFC FIRST! 2013 Swarovski Autumn/Winter NEW ISSUES!


Swarovski logo
The 2013 Autumn/Winter Swarovski NEW ISSUES have been added to our 2013 New Releases Photo Album, and/or better Photos added and More Information!
Additionally, Swarovski has added A
NEW Product Category in the Paradise Line – We have 4 NEW Photos of them!
Also NEW for Autumn and Winter 2013 are the following:
  •     1 NEW Pair of Paradise Birds
  •     2 NEW Home Accessories
  •     Disney – 4 NEW Issues, including 2 NEW Ornies
  •     Guess What? Another NEW Annual Edition (AE) has been added to the Christmas Collection!
  •     2013 AE Kris Bear (Lovlots)
  •     A NEW Soulmates Issue
  •     A NEW MO
  •     7 NEW Ornaments in the Seasonal Symbols product line
  •     2013 Annual Edition Ornament Collection (Stars & Snowflakes)
  •     2 NEW Lovlots
  •     1 Bo Bears in a Set of 3
  •     2 NEW Emoti’s
  •     Happy Ducks Christmas Edition in a Set of 2
Want to see a List of the Latest Retirements? We got them too!

You can see ALL of these Products in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Gallery, filled with MORE than 12,000 Photos!
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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

PHOTOS of 2013 NEW ISSUES Posted to our CFC Photo Galleries

  • 7 NEW Seasonal Symbols Ornaments
  • 2013 Annual Edition Ornament Collection
  • 2013 Annual Edition Angel
  • 2 NEW Lovlots
  • 1 Bo Bears Set of 3
  • 2 NEW Emoti's
  • Happy Ducks Christmas Edition - Set of 2
Want to see a List of the Latest Retirements?  We got 'em!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Swarovski Signing & Gala - Orlando, FL 3-16-13

Invited as SCS (Swarovski Crystal Society) Members, we arrived in Orlando the evening before the Gala Event to a gaggle of traffic! We really didn't think we would meet with this much traffic so early, but we learned that the Canadians were in town. So was a Comic Book Convention. The traffic situation remained miserable the entire weekend.

The Signing was really nice. The entire Swarovski staff could not have been more pleasant or more accommodating. It was a pleasure to be received so happily.
While there, we learned that the Event was supposed to have taken place the weekend before, but we never found out why it got rescheduled.

The Signing 'Gift' was the Event Butterfly Bracelet (shown in our CFC Photo Galleries). 

I was thrilled to have all my retired items signed without question. Swarovski staff unpacked & repacked the boxes for the Designers to sign.
Elisabeth Adamer & Verena Castalein (on her First Swarovski Signing Tour & loving it) could not have been nicer. 

Verena Castalein at Signing Event
On each table, an abundance of Swarovski Magazines were available (the one with the Cinta Elephant on it); each Designer signed the front of the magazine, and Verena also signed the page where the 'Happy Ducks' are located.

I had the following items signed by Verena:  Duck J and the Medium Siam Heart
And by Elisabeth: AE Tiger, Loyalty Tiger Cub, the infamous Peacock (yes, I told her what I thought about the 'new' crystal), Gnu, Zebra & Sister Bear.

The Gala Dinner was lovely, planned by Robin McCall, Swarovski's Event Manager.
The Cocktail Reception (cocktails not included, you had to pay for them) had Table Place Tags with the participants Names on them.
Everyone received a real live orchard lei that was placed around our necks. Nice Touch!

Prior to entering the Dining Room, the Bar crashed, but they managed to move it to the Dining area.
There weren't as many people/tables as I expected. There were about 8 or 9 tables with 9 people seated at each table. We were seated at the table with Verena Castalein, & the Swarovski Rep for the Mid-West/Southeast & Puerto Rico. The tables each had a lovely orchard vase in the same color as the lei, encircled with Swarovski Crystals.

The Dinner Gift was the Fu Ornament (so much nicer than the line drawings, also posted in the Event CFC Photo Album) & the Chopsticks we received at the San Francisco Event last year, but packaged differently in a
Chinese print fabric holder.

Elisabeth Adamer at Gala Dinner

The Designers were introduced & each had a Greeting for the crowd. Elisabeth told us about the Elephant & that Cinta means 'love', and Verena discussed her Heart creations.

Dinner consisted of a Luau Buffet with a Roasted Whole Pig, complete with an apple stuffed in his mouth.
Entertainment included a live Hawaiian Band and Dancers, who danced several different dances from the islands, and then they started choosing people from the audience 'to learn how to dance', including the Designers.

All in all, Swarovski did a really good job and treated the Collectors as they should be treated.  We enjoyed ourselves.

All the Photos can be seen in our FABULOUS CFC PHOTO GALLERIES!

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Friday, March 08, 2013



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The Crystal Fanatics Club was established on March 9, 1999 and we can hardly believe that we have been the premiere site on the Web for avid Collectors of Swarovski Crystal for the past 14 years. 

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There are currently MORE THAN *11,000 Photos in our Photo Galleries! No other club site features so many Photos!
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