Friday, January 21, 2011

NEW Swarovski/Disney Ltd Editions COMING SOON!

Crystal Fanatics and Disney Fans alike are looking forward to the Introduction of the NEW Swarovski/Disney Ltd Editions, to be issued in March, 2011.  Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle, and a Star-shaped Title Plaque will be added to the Collection. Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle both feature accents in Olivine green crystal.
Photos have been added to our Photo Galleries on the CFC Website. 
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Other Swarovski/Disney limited edition crystal figurines have included the Swarovski Tinkerbelle in 2008, (this is a highly sought after piece on the Secondary Market), Mickey Sorcerer in 2009, Pinocchio in 2010, & the most recent addition, the 2011 Dumbo.
Tinkerbelle & the Dumbo's are Swarovski 'repeat' issues.
Other Dumbo's were produced in collaboration with the Arribas Bros. stores in 1987-1990 & again in 1993.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

COMING SOON! A NEW Swarovski Lovlots Collection

Crystal Fanatics are awaiting the newest introductions to the LovLots Collection - the Circus!
The Circus includes Benny Bunny, Jasmine Dancing Horse, Leo Lion, Rolly Monkey, Rosalie Dancing Horse, Toby and Tony Elephant. The Jade Dancing Horse will be the Lovlots special limited edition in 2011.  Colors vary from very vibrant to softer coloring.

The Swarovski Lovlots Circus Collection is the 4th series of Lovlots figurines.
Previous series include the Lovlots Gang of Dogs introduced in 2008, the House of Cats introduced in 2009, City Park in 2010, the ever-popular Mo's issued yearly since 2007, and the Pioneer Collection first issued in 2006. Various pieces in each collection are now retired.

You can SEE Photos of the entire Circus Collection and ALL of the Lovlots Collections on our Crystal Fanatics Website.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Swarovski Ltd Edition Mo in Lovlots Collection Coming Soon!

The newest Swarovski limited edition figurine for 2011 in the Swarovski 'Lovlots' Collection should now be available, issued in celebration the 5th Anniversary of the Swarovski Lovlots collection.   Retail price on the 2011 limited edition Mo is $245. Photos of All the Mo's in our CFC Photo Gallery.

Actually, Swarovski has gone Mo-crazy!

The first Ltd Edition Mo was issued in 2007, Pinky Mo a fully faceted pink crystal cow with unfaceted bell and horns; eyes in Jet Hematite crystal, now Retired.

Pinky Mo Alabaster

Ltd Ed. of 300
Never sold to the public and 'given' to Journalists at Swarovski press / media events.
Body in matte Rose Alabaster, horns and bell in faceted Rosaline Crystal, eyes are Jet Hematite. Issued in 2007

Soccer Mo was introduced and retired in 2008.

A Lovlots cow in Siam Red crystal with White Alabaster crystal horns, wearing a soccer ball around its neck.

Flower Mo

Floral print in rose, white, yellow and green on fully faceted Light Peridot crystal body. Horns and bell are White Opal crystal. This Limited Edition was available online only.  Issued and Retired in 2009.

Halloween Mo

Created in Red Topaz crystal with Jet crystal highlights, it was a limited one-time production and only available from October 1 until Halloween, 2009.

Belle Mo, issued in 2010, larger than the other Mo's, with body, head and ears in fully faceted Lavender crystal. Horns in Medium Sapphire crystal, bell in White Opal crystal; her eyes are in Jet Hematite crystal, and a flower print is in shades of blue on both sides of the body.

Also issued in 2010, the Ltd Edition Country Mo's, the first pair of cows

in clear crystal with brown and black print respectively. The brown cow has Light Smoked Topaz crystal horns and Jet Nut eyes, while the black cow has Jet horns and Jet Hematite eyes. Both wear a little Crystal Aurum bell. Another One-time production that was only exclusively available at Swarovski online while stocks lasted.

Glamour Mo's

The first pair of female & male Mo's.
Female Mo is in Platinum White Desert Glow crystal, wearing a pearl necklace highlighted with a Golden Shadow crystal bead.
Male Mo in Jet Hematite crystal with a Chrome crystal bow tie.
2010 year of production is located on the bottom of each piece.
Retired in 2010.

Additionally, there are a few 'prototypes' out there too. One that we know of is Golden MO
and it is an EXTREMELY RARE Prototype - there might be no more than 3 pieces available worldwide and it left
the Swarovski factory in error (in other words, someone took it out the back door). It was Never Issued to the public and it was produced during the 2007/2008 timeframe. One of our very own lucky Crystal Fanatics has this in their collection!

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