Thursday, September 01, 2011

Crystalline Ambiray Collection

Brand new for Fall/Winter 2011/12, Swarovski has launched a new collection of Home Accessories - The Ambiray Collection. The name "Ambiray" derives from the words ambi, meaning both masculine and feminine, and ray, meaning ray of light.

Each issue in the collection is embellished with a large number of tiny crystals, creating feminine sparkle, highlighted by the masculine lines of stainless steel.

With clean lines and sparkling crystal, The Ambiray collection includes two picture frames, a multifunctional holder, three glittering tea lights and a refined tray. Modern and elegant, they combine well with Swarovski’s Crystalline collection.

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Anonymous said...

I will have to really look at these items. Sounds a bit strange to me. Crystal and Stainless Steel.
Still I should not judge these pieces until I have seem them.

Julie said...

I need to see this collection 'in person' but I like the look of it. More pieces to have out in the open :D

Anonymous said...

Do not think I like the sound of these Steel/Glass. Gold/Glass or Silver/Glass YES. Steel/Glass NO

Marlene said...

The candleholders look pretty... I may actually have to buy one or two of them!