Friday, November 18, 2011

MORE 2011 Swarovski NEW Releases

We keep thinking, ok, the release of NEW Issues in 2011 is over. Hmmm, we need to stop thinking!
Swarovski has been continuously surprising us lately!

Here's info about some of the newest issues released in 2011:

Children's Wish Ornament - Issued in Canada on November 17, 2011 at the Unveiling of the Toronto Christmas Tree. Swarovski and the Children's Wish Foundation issue a new ornament yearly at this Event.

Polar Bear Event Key Ring - Hong Kong Event Issue, 20mm in size, packaged in a black velvet bag. This was a 'Gift with Purchase'.

Arctic Flower Key Ring - imprinted SCS 2011, matching the other SCS Arctic issues this year.

Crystal Pixel Snowflake Ornaments (Set of 3) - Crystal Moonlight chatons are inserted into both sides of the metal, allowing the light to pass through each ornament; comes on a white satin ribbon and the set retails for $75.

Crystal Pixel Star Ornaments (Set of 3) - Crystal Moonlight chatons are inserted into both sides of the ornament, allowing the light to pass through. Shining in stainless steel with PVD gold plating, each ornament comes on a gold satin ribbon. This set also retails for $75.

SCS Loyalty Mirror - 12-sided design; measures approximately 10 inches long by 6 inches tall.
Available to SCS members only.

Issued in Italy for the 150th Anniversary Gala Event, the LaLupa Capitoline Wolf Paperweight, Small Numbered Limited Edition of 3,000 PIECES. € 250, 12CM X 12CM in size. A larger paperweight was issued too in a Numbered Limited Edition of 50.

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Marlene said...

Love the 2011 Children's Wish ornament; it is a nice change from the past years. This is one piece I buy consistently, proceeds go to a great cause.

Anonymous said...

I think Swarovski are hoping that we will want to buy last minute Christmas presents.
I think I have spent enough this year.
I will wait until 2012, although by what I know of next years items by being a member of The Crystal Fanatics Club(CFC),it will be a very low spending year on the Swarovski front.