Thursday, June 14, 2012

Even MORE Swarovski NEW Issues !

Another NEW product line (that makes 2 this year):
Although we have Photos, we don't know what they are - the weirdest set of figurines we have ever seen! We think Swarovski has lost their minds!

We've also uploaded Photos for:

  • Christmas - Including the 2012 AE Ornament & several other Christmas issues
  • Disney - includes a very different 'repeat'
  • Lovlots for Halloween & Christmas
  • A Very Strange-Looking Duck!
  • Hello Kitty - a new 'pink' figurine and one for Christmas too!

We've published NEWS for:
  • Kris Bear for Christmas 2012
  • The 2012 Angel Figurine
  • A freestanding AE ornament, possibly in clear crystal?
  • A very different 2012 Tinkerbelle
You can of see photos of All Swarovski's Issues in our FABULOUS CFC's  Photo Gallery, where there are MORE than 10,000 Photos -
NO one else online has so many photos of Swarovski Crystal !

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CFC said...

Well, it took less than 24 hrs for our CFC members to find out just What the NEW Swarovski absurd-looking product line is.....

Posted to our CFC Website along with pertinent Photos & info

Robert said...

The best and only place to find out all the hot news about Swarovski is The Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC)

Anonymous said...

I do not think there is much on this list to interest me.

But it is great to be able to find out in plenty of time.