Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crystal Fanatics Club's (CFC) Photo Galleries – a Swarovski Crystal Library!

CFC's Photo Galleries

Ever wanted to know more about early Swarovski crystal releases?  Seeking Swarovski photos, release and retirement dates, Current Values for your retired issues?  The Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) Photo Galleries, for Collectors of Swarovski Crystal, is an insightful way to view the plethora of Swarovski Issues for any Swarovski crystal collector. 

The first year of  Swarovski crystal figurines is documented in the Photo Galleries in 1976, and of course, all the years through 2011 have an entry.  In 1976, the inaugural year of the Silver Crystal product line, the majority of the Swarovski figurines were candleholders, the first crystal mouse, the hedgehogs, and several paperweights.

Each issue is detailed with the following:  
  • A full Color Photo, 
  • Swarovski part or system number, 
  • Name of the issue, 
  • Swarovski Designer, 
  • Theme Grouping, 
  • Brief description, 
  • Size & dimension, 
  • Year of Introduction & Year of retirement, 
  • Estimates of Current Value. 
So what else should you know about the CFC Photo Galleries? 
  • All the product lines are included.
  • USA only issues are found here…for example, the Gold Bee, or the King Hedgehog. 
  • The various colors of Swarovski paperweights are included. 
  • Variations of figurines are documented, i.e. the different tail styles of the Mouse.
  • In many instances, the boxes & certs are shown.
  • And, best of all, MANY of our detailed Photos were contributed by our own CFC Members!
CFC members have 2 more added benefits to using our Photo Galleries.
  • You can use the information to document your own personal collection.
  • No longer will you need to purchase  'Collector books' year after year, over & over again.
We keep up with everything for you, FREE with your Membership to CFC at less than 60% the cost of just one of the published Black & White 'Collectible Books'.

If you collect Swarovski Crystal and are looking for everything you need to know about your Collection, then CFC is
THE place for YOU!

There's LOTS MORE to learn about Collecting Swarovski!
Crystal Fanatics Club

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Julie said...

Why would you ever buy a book that is outdates and full of mistooks when you can have full use of the CFC Gallery. There are photo's in there never shown in any book, personal photo's for real FANATICS collections and events. Nothing compares - thank you CFC, membership for less than the price of a daily newspaper for all this! amazing.