Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swarovski Lovlots 2011 Releases

Breaking Swarovski News for our Crystal Fanatics …MORE Swarovski Crystal Lovlots figurines will be released SOON! They include: 

Anna and Emma Mice in Color with Fuschia accents, just like their clear counterpart.

Piggy Sue in Dark Pink, also just like her clear counterpart, Piggy Pong.  

Seems that Swarovski has a new trend of issuing previous releases in Color!

Actual New Releases from Lovlots are:
Coco a Chihuahua, Blue in color, and Scottie, a Green Terrier, from the New Park Hills Collection. 

Of the 16 2011 New Releases in the Lovlots line, most have been in Full Color!

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Marlene said...

Full coloured pictures of all the old retired Swarovski pieces and breaking news on new releases, what more could you want? Well, there's a lot more besides the photo galleries, check out the Crystal Fanatics Club.


Julie said...

Thank you Marlene for all your work with Pat on the photo galleries. Sure is the BEST you can get. Over 9000 photo's is more than enough but you keep on adding to it :D