Monday, August 08, 2011


A jet hermatite (black) crystal SKULL with silver colored accents will be introduced this Fall in the Swarovski Soulmates product line. The skull will be issued in two different sizes.  The largest skull  measures just over 4" tall and will retail for somewhere between $850 - $900.  The smaller skull is approximately 2" tall and will sell in the $350 - $400 range.

Who would have ever thought Swarovski would actually issue a Skull ? 
This will give the Crystal Fanatics lots to CHAT about! 
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crystal foxy said...

Is this part of the Pirates of the Carribean theme? A skull you say....
Very interesting. Is this being released in conjunction with other "interesting" items? Maybe this is a Halloween Trick or Treat edition? Always anxious to see what is coming next. Thanks for posting.

CFC said...

Hi crystalfoxy
Thanks for posting.
They have skull jewelry too; pretty tacky. Don't think it's released in conjunction w/Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe it's a TRICK ! LOL
Some people just NEVER learn! :)

Julie said...

The bitch with the book said it's legit BUT we know she says more than her prayers.

Julie said...

Thanks to CRYSTAL FANATICS who are always first with the breaking news, photo's and info - some people don't know what a FANATIC is although they pretend through other blogs to be one. WE know what a FANATIC is - not a seller of crystal.

Marlene said...

I can't say that I think very much of the skulls... morbid! I don't want them in my house. Looks like I'll be saving some money with these releases.

Anonymous said...

I think this is one line of Swarovski items, I will give a miss to.
As Julie has said, the true Swarovski Fanatics are here in The Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC)
They are not people who just sell a few Swarovski items at very inflated prices, or sell out of date books with what they say are the values of Swarovski items. CFC has the true FANATICS,
We buy, We collect. Therefore the CFC Members know the true values.

Anonymous said...

No way do I want the Swarovski skull. I think this is one of the worst items Swarovski has produced for many a year. You can keep them Swarovski.

CFC said...

Thanks for your comments everyone and for your support. It's lookin like the Skull is going to be a worse disaster than the NLE Rhino !

Anne-Mae said...

Thanks for the news of a Swarovski Skull, but this is not a piece I would buy. CFC is always first with new releases.

Anonymous said...

Thanks CFC, for the news.
But, no way is that "thing", coming to this house!

Anonymous said...

If this Swarovski Skull was Blue instead of Black. It could go on the front of a Book?
(Pirates always have a skull for a symbol)
May be not, a black skull would suit the bitch with the book better!

Julie said...

It will be interesting to see if the skull sells - or ends up at half off in the outlets. I know a couple of people who collect skulls but this one is a bit rich for them.