Friday, March 09, 2012

Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) is celebrating its 13th Anniversary on the net today.

In 1999, CFC's Founder, Pat King, an avid collector of Swarovski Crystal, founded the club site on Yahoo as a means to keep in contact with her collector friends.

In 2000, the site went live on the world wide web and has served Swarovski Collectors all over the world with Breaking Swarovski NEWS, Bulletin Boards, Weekly Chats and Photo Galleries like no other on the web, filled with all the pertinent information for every Swarovski issue a collector needs to follow and track their collection.

"The CFC experience has allowed me and many other collectors to make friends with people from all over the world; it is the one most important factor for me. The site is not a profit-making organization & is supported by a small yearly membership fee & donations by its members. CFC is a labor of love for many of us", says its owner. "We not only share our passion for collecting, but our joys, life's tribulations, events, & holidays - we are truly a 'family' of collectors."

Do You Collect Swarovski Crystal ?

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Crystal Fanatics Club
For Collectors of Swarovski Crystal


Robert said...

The best thing I have done in the last few years was to join The Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC). The wealth and depth of knowledge of the members about Swarovski Crystal and Swarovski collecting is second to none. Also I have made some fantastic friends around the world through being a member of CFC.
Thanks Pat for starting and running the best club and information site on the internet.

CFC said...

Thanks Robert for your kind remarks!
It's a Pleasure to have you as a CFC Member!
luv Pat

Anonymous said...

Although I am not a very active member of CFC. I have found that the members of this club as well as being very knowledgeable and helpful about Swarovski collecting, are always there to help in other ways with life's many problems. What a great club you started.
Thank you Pat.